April 7, 2020
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Legislative Report (22 February 2006)

Legislative Report

Serby Tries To Bully Chief Bird After Sask Party Convention
22 February 2006

It started with a phone call and ended with a frown on the face of NDP deputy premier Clay Serby.

The phone call was to Alphonse Bird, Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, who days earlier spoke to delegates at the Saskatchewan Partys Annual Convention. Bird said in his speech that First Nations could work with a Brad Wall government and that the agenda of First Nations people matches the growth agenda outlined by Wall.

Bird told reporters last week that Serby called him after the convention. Bird would not divulge what was said, except that it was an angry call and Serby was not happy with him. Even though no one knows what the two talked about, the timing of the call could only mean one thing. Serbys call was meant to berate Bird for speaking at the Saskatchewan Party convention.

Serby admits the call was spirited. He told reporters it was a conversation on outstanding issues between First Nations people and the NDP government, but the press didnt buy it. All the reports that day indicated the timing of the call was too coincidental to be a conversation on outstanding issues.

When reporters asked Serby if he would apologize for the call, he questioned why.

Apparently the NDP believe the FSIN is a government department that must answer to them. Of course, this is not true. Chief Bird represents an independent group. He works to best serve the needs of those who elected him. If he wants to build partnerships with all political parties, thats his prerogative.

Sadly, this is the state of relations between NDP government and First Nations people. Even worse, Serbys call does nothing to improve them.

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