April 7, 2020
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Legislative Report (1 March 2006)

Legislative Report

1 March 2006

Character Flaws Evident in NDP Government
If someone asks you a question, you answer it promptly and truthfully. This demonstrates character.

And, what does it say about the character of the NDP government when they don’t answer questions pertaining to fraud within the government?

Last year the Saskatchewan Party asked the NDP over 500 written questions about fraud. We wanted to know what measures were in place to protect taxpayers’ money. We wanted to know what fraud prevention training was taking place in government departments. And we wanted to know if Ministers knew of any further fraud or corruption in their departments.

None of the questions were answered.

Just this week, the former manager of the liquor store in Biggar appeared in court charged with 18 separate counts of theft. The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority began investigating this case in June. No one bothered to mention anything was happening until September. So much for prompt and truthful disclosure. Yet another manager, this one from La Loche, has also been suspended, and is under investigation. About $227,000 is said to be missing from the La Loche store.

And the NDP can’t claim it wasn’t warned. In his 2003 and 2004 reports, Provincial Auditor Fred Wendel called for improved control of bank accounts at SLGA. According to Wendel, the Authority wasn’t even meeting its own financial guidelines which call for timely reconciling of bank balances and records.

Nor are these the only examples of problems the NDP is having when it comes to managing taxpayers’ dollars. Last year, we heard about ‘financial irregularities’ in the Department of Environment. And then more money went missing from the Department of Community Resources and Employment.

It all goes back to character. It’s obvious the NDP government does not respect taxpayers’ money.

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