April 7, 2020
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Legislative Report (8 March 2006)

Legislative Report

8 March 2006

Fraud Problems Continue in NDP Government
This week’s announcement by the Calvert NDP government of yet another alleged fraud case under investigation by the RCMP causes the Saskatchewan Party Official Opposition great concern. According to the Calvert NDP, the Department of Corrections and Public Safety has fired an employee and referred a case of “financial irregularities” to the RCMP to conduct a criminal investigation.

The Opposition’s concerns are three-fold. First, this news shatters the public trust. Second, it casts suspicion on all other civil servants who work hard to provide this province with the best public services. And third, it causes us to doubt that the Calvert NDP is really taking the fraud issue seriously when these cases keep popping up.

In just over a year, there have been five employees fired and investigations have been launched into “financial irregularities” in the Department of Community Resources and Employment, Environment, Liquor and Gaming, and now Corrections and Public Safety.

During the fall session, the Saskatchewan Party Opposition submitted a series of written questions on every government department, crown and agency to find out what fraud prevention and detection policies were in place and if there were any other cases of “financial irregularities” anywhere in government. The Calvert NDP continues to stonewall the Opposition on what should be very easy questions to answer.

In light of this latest announcement, many questions remain unanswered including:

  • How many other cases like this are there?
  • What is the NDP Government hiding?
It’s time for the NDP government to start being up front and accountable with the people of this province. After all, it’s your money.

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