April 7, 2020
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Legislative Report (15 March 2006)

Legislative Report

15 March 2006

Woeful Economic Record of the NDP Government
Bill Clinton used to carry a note in his pocket that said, Its the economy, stupid! Why? Well, without taxpayers or a growing economy, a government can not sustain the social services or infrastructure people have come to expect.

A growing economy is not about facts and figures or statistics. Its about people. Jobs and careers to support families. These are the building blocks of an economy. If you do not have one, you cant have the others.

According to a Statistics Canada report published last week, Saskatchewan lost another 4,400 jobs. Thats six straight months of job losses during a resource boom.

Other Western provinces created an unprecedented number of new jobs. British Columbia created 72,000 jobs, Alberta created 64,000 and Manitoba created 4,000. The only province in Western Canada to lose jobs was Saskatchewan.

So how does a province-rich with natural resources like Saskatchewan- lose jobs in the middle of a resource boom?

The only answer is a lack of leadership and vision from Premier Lorne Calvert. The NDP government is presiding over a time in history when resource prices are soaring, yet they fail to ride the resource boom.

Jobs continue to fall, young people are leaving the province, and the cost of living is going up. Families are left behind when their sons and daughters are forced to leave the province in search of opportunity. Grandparents are left behind by families forced to uproot and leave Saskatchewan. The NDP government is an anchor holding Saskatchewan back.

In the next decade, there will be an unprecedented shift of political influence and capital from Eastern provinces to the West. A new west is forming and Saskatchewan needs to be leader, not lagging behind.

We can not afford to waste an opportunity like this. People of Saskatchewan know the unbelievable potential of this province. Its time we lived up to it.

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