April 7, 2020
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Legislative Report (3 May 2006)

Legislative Report

3 May 2006

Saskatchewan Party Announces Biofuels Strategy

You may have heard of an exciting and new opportunity for agriculture, economic development and the environment called Biofuels. Ethanol and biodiesel fall under this category. Last week the Saskatchewan Party caucus released a strategy showing how Saskatchewan could capitalize on this new prospect. First and foremost, the plan was developed with producers in mind. As we navigate through this dire agriculture crisis, it’s important that any opportunity focus on getting producers their fair share. The Saskatchewan Party Caucus Biofuels Strategy does this.

Our plan sees the true potential of Saskatchewan as a leader in energy development and export. This province has natural advantages which make it a perfect fit for a blossoming biofuels industry. There’s no doubt our producers grow some of the highest quality crops in the world, which in the very near future will be sought out for use in biofuels. There is a huge global demand forming and Saskatchewan needs to be an industry leader.

The Saskatchewan Party Caucus Biofuels Strategy includes:

  • Pressing for a National Biofuels Strategy/ Mandate
  • Provincial New Growth Tax Incentives
  • Reducing Barriers To Growth
  • Investing in Local Infrastructure
  • Investments in Labour Force Development, Skills Training and R & D
  • Leading By Example

The Saskatchewan Party Caucus Biofuels Strategy is comprehensive and incorporates input from stakeholders and industry experts. Biofuels gives Saskatchewan producers hope in a time when they need it most. This is at the heart of our plan. When releasing the strategy, Saskatchewan Party Leader Brad Wall said, “I want Saskatchewan people to look at a canola field in full bloom with all the yellow flowers and see a new way to fuel their vehicle and clean up the environment.”

The Saskatchewan Party Caucus Biofuels Strategy is an innovative way to move the province forward.

To read the complete version of the Saskatchewan Party Caucus Biofuels Strategy, go to Sask Party Caucus Website.

Saskatchewan Party Clarifies Position on World Wide Pork

Last week, the NDP government announced a $1.5 million grant for World Wide Pork in Moose Jaw, which has been closed for nearly a year. Some media outlets reported that the Official Opposition Saskatchewan Party supports this 11th hour bailout. However, in responding to this announcement, Saskatchewan Party MLA Lyle Stewart outlined the opposition’s position, stating that “We don’t believe in equity investment or direct investment in business by the taxpayers of this province.”

The Official Opposition Saskatchewan Party believes that the role of government is to create a positive business climate – not to risk taxpayers’ dollars picking winners and losers in the economy. Clearly, the NDP has not had a good track record (remember Spudco?) and should stop this kind of direct intervention in the economy.

Instead, the government’s role is to attract new investment and create new jobs by reducing the barriers to growth, and that’s the approach a Saskatchewan Party government will take should we be successful in the next provincial election.

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