April 7, 2020
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Legislative Report (17 May 2006)

Legislative Report

17 May 2006

Many Teaching Positions Cut

One hundred and fifty-two. That’s how many teaching positions will be cut in Saskatchewan this year and the total may go up.

So far, seven school boards announced they need to cut staff to make up for a shortfall in funding from the provincial NDP government.

In this year’s budget, the NDP government cut the operating grant to several school boards. Meaning, some boards were forced to find other ways to pay for the increasing cost of education. Cutting staff is one way to do it and raising taxes is another.

To date, there are 152 cuts to teaching positions announced.  By School Division, these cuts are distributed as follows:

Sunwest (15)
Cornerstone (50)
Prairie South (20)
Chinook (20.5)
Saskatchewan Rivers (34)
Good Spirit (9)
Regina Catholic (3.5)

Many property owners are also going to see a tax hike this year. Thanks to NDP under funding, mill rates have increased across the province.

Sixty-three out of 81 former school divisions increased their mill rates this year, which can only mean tax hikes to residents in almost every community in the province.

In March, Premier Calvert was in Birch Hills to announce a reduction in property taxes on agricultural land. But now that announcement holds no water. Since the NDP government cut funding to education, property taxes are on the rise.

It’s frustrating to see a government operate like this. Just when it looked like property owners were going to get a break, the NDP mess it up.

The people of Saskatchewan deserve better governance. They deserve a government that fulfills its promises and recognizes the needs of citizens. Proper funding to educate our children is a necessity. Yet, this NDP government would rather force school boards and taxpayers to fend for themselves.

Teaching cuts and property tax increases are just further examples of the NDP government’s long list of letdowns.

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