April 7, 2020
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Legislative Report (21 June 2006)

Legislative Report

21 June 2006

A Message from Weyburn Big Muddy!

A message. That is what the people of Weyburn-Big Muddy sent to this current NDP government by selecting the Saskatchewan Party’s Dustin Duncan as the newest MLA. Duncan received almost half the vote winning with 49 per cent and surpassing his closest rival by almost double. It was a convincing win by any measure. The final results were Saskatchewan Party 3564 votes (49%); Liberals 1975 votes (27%); NDP 1735 votes (24 %).

Most notable was the poor showing of the NDP. Since its inception, the NDP has never finished this low in the constituency of Weyburn-Big Muddy or received so few votes.

But what does this mean for the rest of the province and why should people care. The answer is easy- this win is a sign that people want to change the government of Saskatchewan. It’s time to get rid of this tired, out-of-touch NDP government and bring in a Saskatchewan Party government.

Many of the press and experts also see the results as things to come in the province:

“Vote bad omen for government”- Star Phoenix Editorial Headline, June 21, 2006

“Byelection result ominous portent for governing NDP” - Star Phoenix, June 21, 2006

“The NDP has had a pretty good run and they’re probably going to get defeated. Unless they can do something spectacularly in the next little while, I think they’re pretty well toast.” - Ken Rasmussen, Political Scientist, University of Regina

Whether it be crumbling highways or long surgical wait lists, the NDP government has failed to fill the needs of Saskatchewan families and people are fed up with it. Some simply vote with their feet and move away from the province. Official Opposition member and Saskatchewan Party’s newest MLA Dustin Duncan has been tasked by Leader Brad Wall to look into ways to reduce this problem, especially with youth fleeing the province. Youth Opportunities is the new critic duty for MLA Dustin Duncan and it is an important duty as Saskatchewan’s migration numbers prove we have a problem. In the last year, Saskatchewan’s population dropped by 3,700 people.

There’s no doubt Dustin Duncan’s win in the Weyburn-Big Muddy byelection is a good thing for the province of Saskatchewan. It’s the first step towards changing the NDP government. It also proves that the NDP government is out of touch with the people of Saskatchewan.

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