April 7, 2020
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Legislative Report (28 September 2006)

Legislative Report

28 September 2006

Do the NDP Believe in Saskatchewan?

You’ve probably seen and heard a lot in the media recently about internal bickering inside the Saskatchewan NDP. A cabinet Minister gets dumped after only a few months on the job as a signal to others that disloyalty has its price. That former cabinet minister goes underground instead of coming forward and explaining what happened. It appears the NDP is focusing inward, mired in political intrigue under the dome of the legislature.

However, the people of Saskatchewan live and work in the real world, where they see unprecedented increases in the dollars flowing into government coffers, yet no clear sense that anyone outside of government is benefiting from good economic times. We see evidence of this in the latest population numbers from Statistics Canada. Over the past year, a little more than 4,500 people left Saskatchewan. The current population—985,386—is at its lowest level in 24 years. The NDP government is watching our future generation walk out the door, when it should be ensuring they have the opportunity to build their careers right here.

Saskatchewan people are proud of our rich heritage, abundant natural resources and spirit of determination. Saskatchewan people believe our province is just as good as, and can perform just as well as other western province. The problem is we have an NDP government that simply does not share the values and optimism of Saskatchewan people. Instead of believing in Saskatchewan, you have the NDP’s Eldon Lautermilch saying that falling population isn’t a worry because there will be more left for the rest of us. You have the NDP’s Doreen Hamilton saying it’s impossible for Saskatchewan’s population to grow at a rate above the national average.

Saskatchewan people know we should be doing better. The people of this province believe in this province. Why doesn’t the NDP?

Farewell to a Friend!

On Sunday, September 24th, Ben Heppner died following a lengthy battle with cancer. Ben was one of the founding members of the Saskatchewan Party, our caucus chair and the MLA for Martensville. He was a man with a big heart, who had strong beliefs and a lot of courage. He will be missed.

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