April 7, 2020
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Legislative Report (26 October 2006)

Legislative Report

26 October 2006

Simple Solution for Rebranding Problem: Call an Election

This week, the NDP presented what is likely to be their last throne speech before the next provincial election. If you needed further proof this was a tired, old government that has run out of ideas, this was it.

The people of Saskatchewan were looking for a vision of a growing economy and a growing population. They’re looking for someone to “change the brand” Saskatchewan has changed from s a place you have to leave to find opportunity. They’re looking for someone who can forge a new brand that lets people know this province is a progressive jurisdiction that encourages growth and has its eyes set firmly on the future. They’re looking for a plan which will deal with a chronic labour shortage, a population that keeps falling and a plan that will allow our young people to remain here to build their careers and build their dreams.

They didn’t get any of that in this rinse and repeat NDP throne speech.

Instead, they got the same recycled ideas from the same throne speech the NDP have reused three times under Lorne Calvert, this is a NDP government that has lost its way. What does that mean for the people of Saskatchewan? More of the same. More advertising campaigns instead of ideas. More committees and delays instead of much needed action.

After 15 years at the helm, the NDP government is trying to pretend it actually gets that people are dissatisfied. Lorne Calvert and his NDP ministers are all trying to mouth the politically correct words. However, their actions speak louder than their words.

Take a look at two major decisions by the Premier last month. First, Mr. Calvert failed to fire Community Resources Minister Buckley Belanger after he jeopardized the safety of children caught up in the sex trade and lied to the legislature about what he actually knew. There’s simply no accountability here. Second, Mr. Calvert stifled dissent in his caucus by sacking Regina MLA Kevin Yates from cabinet, because Mr. Yates had the courage to say the Premier wasn’t a very good leader. You can bet we will continue to see more dissention in the NDP ranks.

There has been much talk this week around the province about the NDP’s failure to renew itself. The talk is about how the NDP caucus is stacked with far too many MLA’s who’ve been stagnating for far too long like an old almost dry slough (dead bull rushes, desiccated frogs and dried mud) and who, in the words of one newspaper columnist, are offering nothing more than regurgitation.

And now, even Lorne Calvert is openly admitting this province has to rebrand itself, something the Saskatchewan Party has been saying for over a year.

Now it’s time for the Premier to take the next step: Admit the only way to rebrand Saskatchewan is to install a brand new government, and get rid of a tired, old NDP government that has run out of ideas.

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