January 17, 2020
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Member Statement (5 December 2006)

From Hansard - 5 December 2006

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Climate Change

Mr. Hart: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, in a recent appearance on NBC’s [National Broadcasting Company] Meet the Press, former President Bill Clinton was asked, what issue presents the greatest threat to long-term world stability? And you know what his answer was, Mr. Speaker? He answered, climate change, Mr. Speaker. Climate change coupled with depleting oil reserves around the world will present a great threat to world stability, Mr. Speaker.

Some weeks later Alan Greenspan, the former Chair of the US [United States] Federal Reserve, speaking in Calgary, also identified climate change as a threat to world stability. But he went on to talk about the great opportunities that this issue presented for Canada and the leadership role that Canada could play, Mr. Speaker.

So what is happening here in Saskatchewan, Mr. Speaker? Well I’ll tell you. We have some of our municipalities and cities moving ahead and dealing with this issue. They are putting plans in place, like the city of Regina and its green ribbon committee, Mr. Speaker.

But what is this green NDP government doing, Mr. Speaker? Well let me tell you. What does the Suzuki Foundation say? They say they have no plan, and in fact Saskatchewan has the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions of any province in Canada, Mr. Speaker. So what do we get from this green government, Mr. Speaker? We get nothing but greenwash, Mr. Speaker.

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