January 17, 2020
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Bill 302 (23 April 2007)

The Hotels Association of Saskatchewan Amendment Act

From Private Bills Committee Hansard - 23 April 2007

There is no video available for this meeting.

Mr. Hart: — Just a couple of quick questions. Mr. Mullin, currently how many members have you got in your current organization? And with this change are you anticipating quite a number of additional memberships? I wonder if you could just expand.

Mr. Mullin: — Yes, we are. We have currently about 450 on our roster of members. We also have an allied membership of about 50. And what we’re looking at right now is a potential to add . . . There’s another approximately 400 members that could come on board that would fit the criteria. The brew pubs that are in the province now, there’s about 30 to 35 of those, and they have liquor, I should say beer off-sale and liquor off-sale and they’ve expressed interest to joining, as well as night clubs, and as I mentioned, licensed restaurants. We are not offering membership to the McDonald’s of the world. It’s strictly licensed restaurants that have a liquor and gaming component to them.

Mr. Hart: — Okay. Thank you.

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