April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report (2 May 2005)

NDP Government Continues To Invest In Losing Ventures
2 May 2005

It seems very ironic to say the least, that, in a province where continuing problems in health care and agriculture are growing worse, the Calvert NDP government insists on investing public money in failing business ventures outside Saskatchewan.

Case in point, Navigata, a telecommunications company in British Columbia. In 2002, the NDP informed the Legislature that this company would start to turn a profit in 2004. Unfortunately, the government’s investment had its worse year in 2004, losing $16 million more taxpayer dollars on top of the $26 million already lost previously.

At $42 million, this is now the biggest government-run business disaster in Saskatchewan’s history, surpassing even Spudco. With the voting public already expressing their distaste for the federal Liberal Sponsorship scandal, we can hardly blame them for once again being disillusioned at continuing provincial NDP financial waste.

Obviously, there are better ways to spend taxpayer dollars on more local concerns. Clearly the 2004 Navigata losses alone, at more than $1 million per month, would allow the province to hire more nurses, more police officers, and fund needed drug addiction beds. When you bring the entire $42 million loss into the equation, you would certainly have more funds to assist our farming industry in fully funding the province’s portion of the federal CAIS farm program.

In the final irony, I believe it is very unfair to the people of rural Saskatchewan, many of whom remain with very poor or no cellular phone service. Instead of strengthening the cellular network to the safety and benefit of our own citizens, the NDP decided to invest in a telecom company from B.C. Clearly, Premier Calvert needs to change his priorities.

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