April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report (16 March 2005)

Opposition Presents a Vision on Saskatchewan's Future
16 March 2005

On Monday, the first day of the spring session, we in the Saskatchewan Party presented our vision and ideas for our province’s future. The document is called, “100 ideas to get Saskatchewan ready for the next 100 Years.” Our 100 ideas are just a start and are a call to action.

This list is exhaustive and the Calvert NDP has already said that we have too many ideas. Since when was that such a bad thing? For years the NDP said all the SaskParty did was criticize, complain, and offer nothing new. Now that the Sask. Party has come forward with its vision as to how to ensure success in Saskatchewan’s second century, all the Calvert NDP can do is criticize and complain.

Now we aren’t asking them to implement all 100 ideas all at once. These 100 ideas are the blueprint for Saskatchewan’s second century. They form the lens through which we must focus our debate on the future of our fine province. The Calvert NDP is clearly out of ideas and leadership. In fact, I would argue the NDP have more memories of the past than dreams for the future.

We in the Saskatchewan Party believe that the dreams of our first settlers, of our first nations and our first leaders must be honoured. It is time to take those dreams combined with competent leadership and the kind of vision that sees things how they can be and ensure we keep the Promise of Saskatchewan. And if the Calvert NDP aren’t up to it, maybe its time for them to cede control to those who possess a vision for the future – your official opposition Saskatchewan Party.


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