April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report (9 March 2005)

No NDP Agenda for Spring Session
9 March 2005

March 14 marks the start of the spring sitting of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan, but dont expect a lot of business to get done. For the first time in recent history, the premier is not making a throne speech to start the spring session. Furthermore, Finance Minister and NDP House Leader, Harry Van Mulligen told reporters after announcing start of session that the spring sitting would be a housekeeping one and there was no significant legislative agenda.

Well, we have a different plan. Unlike the NDP government, the Sask Party is treating the upcoming sitting with a sense of urgency. Since the premier does not want to set an agenda for the Legislature, the Sask Party will do it.

We are planning to bring up many outstanding issues of critical importance to the future of Saskatchewan, including issues such as the financial crisis that continues to have a stranglehold on rural communities, equalization, agriculture, waiting lists, tax breaks for low-income earners and property taxes among others.

Again, it seems the Official Opposition is setting the policy agenda for this province. The NDPs lack of vision and leadership is front and centre on this one. When a premier will not give a throne speech, its a perfect example of a leader lacking a long-term plan. This government is set on cruise control and simply wants to coast through its mandate. The people of Saskatchewan deserve better, they deserve a government with vision and we in the Saskatchewan Party are ready to answer that call.

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