April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report (24 February 2005)

NDP Centennial Priorities
24 February 2005

As part of the NDPs crusade to waste taxpayers money, they have now dropped $614,000 to aid in the production of a film on the life of former premier Tommy Douglas. The NDP are taking your money and spending it on a movie that depicts the life of their founder all in the name of Saskatchewans centennial celebrations. This does smack of an incredible conflict of interest. Especially considering the Calvert NDP are willing to drop this kind of money on a movie, but cannot find the support for some of our rural communities and their Centennial celebrations.

With spring seeding just around the corner, producers now have to figure out how they will ante up large cash deposits to participate in the CAIS program. This, on top of a recent announcement from the NDP that for the third year in a row, crop insurance rates are being hiked while coverage is being decreased. The Sask Party is asking the NDP to support a motion passed in the House of Commons in Ottawa earlier this month calling for the elimination the producer deposit for CAIS by spring seeding. We hope the NDP recognize the difficulties facing producers this year and take this fight to the next Agriculture ministers meeting in early March. The great thing about removing the deposit is that it wont cost the government any money in the long run. Its really a simple step that will go a long way in helping reduce some of the cash flow problems Saskatchewan farm families are facing this year.

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