April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report (15 June 2005 )

Calvert Government Approves Closure Of RCMP Detachments
15 June 2005

During a time when Saskatchewan faces threats from clandestine Crystal Meth labs and border security, the Calvert NDP has given approval for the closure of RCMP detachments in south-western Saskatchewan. Again, we see another example of a government that has lost focus and cannot serve the needs of Saskatchewan families. The communities of Val Marie, Consul, Mankota, Climax, Eastend and Goodsoil will lose their single officer RCMP detachments. In some cases, that means the closest detachment is over 100 kms away.

These closures come at a time when officials from North Dakota were just in the province warning Calvert how their meth problem could very easily come north across the border. Police warn that isolated communities are perfect sites to set up clandestine labs.

So why in the world would the Calverts government give approval to close RCMP detachments hugging the border? It makes no sense. But this is a government that appears to have no sense or judgment. People of the south-west will be forced to live with a reduction of services and the potential for an increase in crime. And Calvert still hasnt kept his promise of providing 200 new police officers. Not the best way to serve Saskatchewan families.

NDP Gets Failing Grade Creating Jobs A Statistics Canada report released last week shows Saskatchewan is trailing the nation in job creation. However, Calvert says Saskatchewan is in a boom. If this is a boom, then I would hate to see a bust. Saskatchewan has the worst percentage rate increase for new jobs created in Canada for the last five years a measly 1.94 percent. With oil prices soaring, the NDP can only manage a less than 2 percent growth in new jobs over 5 years. This is a terrible fact and its not getting better.

Another Stats Can report out this week also shows Saskatchewan has the highest unemployment rate for Aboriginals in Canada. In the twelve months ending in March of this year unemployment rates for Aboriginal people residing in the west were 2.5 times higher than for non-Aboriginal people.

Of the four western provinces, Saskatchewan had the lowest employment rate (35.2%) and the highest unemployment rates (24.7%) among Aboriginal youth. Similar ratios of employment opportunities exist for the Aboriginal population at large.

Again, another example of this Calvert government not realizing how important it is to get the fundamentals right. You cannot have the fastest growing segment of the population have the highest unemployment rate. For Saskatchewan to prosper, people need to be working. And jobs are a product of a government that has a plan and a vision for the economy.

Judging from the job numbers we are seeing from the Calvert government, one can see they are bankrupt when it comes to a plan or vision for the provinces economy. Without a plan, we will continue to lag behind, and continue to see our youth be Saskatchewans greatest export.

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