April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report (04 August 2005)

Legislative Report

04 August 2005

Saskatchewan Party Wanted To See More In Premiers Action Plan
Wished Calvert and Addley Would Help Families Now

The long awaited plan on substance abuse for Saskatchewan was finally released by Premier Calvert and Graham Addley this week. After months of studying the problem, the Calvert NDP have produced an action plan that is, at best, disappointing.

Instead of helping families immediately, they have chosen to take the wait and see approach. If someone is suffering from an addiction today, there is nothing in the plan to help them now. Families will have to wait until 2007 before any real solutions become apparent.

For two years, the Official Opposition Saskatchewan Party has been asking Calvert to do something about substance abuse and to be aware of the growing problem of Crystal Meth. At that time, they ridiculed us, and said Crystal Meth was just a fad. Obviously this is not the case today, as we are seeing many of our youth and communities succumbing to the devastating effects of this drug.

This action plan was the perfect opportunity for Calvert and crew to do something about addictions in the province, and they blew it. Theyve spent months studying this, yet they have failed to provide help where it is needed most to people suffering from addictions right now.

This plan must be part of the NDPs realization that they created some of the problems we have today. This is the same government that shut down White Spruce, a treatment facility in Yorkton; they are the same government that stopped SADAC, and now they see that substance abuse is a problem. Well, Mr. Calvert if you would stop doing things like this maybe we wouldnt be in such a mess. Its just too bad families of Saskatchewan have to pay the price for your mismanagement.

SaskEnergy Backtracks On Statement
Opposition Criticism Nudges Crown To Follow Law

After SaskEnergy said it would not follow the law, they have now decided that they are not above the law anymore.

An official with SaskEnergy said the Crown utility was not going to follow the Limitations Act, passed by the Legislature back in May. In a recent interview, SaskEnergy's Dave Burdeniuk said the utility is sticking with the previous six year period to sue.

The Limitations Act sets a two year limit on starting a law suit to collect bad debts.

The day after he said that, the Minister responsible for Crowns, Pat Atkinson said that SaskEnergy would go along with the Act and stick with the 2 year time period.

Well, isnt that great. The NDP and SaskEnergy have decided to follow the same law that everyone else must follow. Again, this is just another example of a government that is so out of touch with the public, that it doesnt even think it needs to follow the same laws.

Calvert and his government need to understand that they serve the people of Saskatchewan; its not the other way around.

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