April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report (10 August 2005)

Legislative Report

10 August 2005

NDP Keeps Saskatchewan From Meeting Its Full Potential
Homecomings And Reunions Reinforce Possibilities

As I was celebrating in my local community, a bittersweet feeling passed over me. I looked around the homecoming I was attending and saw that many of the youth were not from around here; they were born here, raised here, but moved away in pursuit of better jobs or better economic opportunities. They returned to this homecoming to visit.

When I saw the number of young people that left in one room, I got a very good sense of why Saskatchewan is not living up to its potential. Its no secret that you can not build a province when your main export is talented, educated youth. This is the problem we are facing in Saskatchewan, yet Lorne Calvert and his NDP government do not seem to understand this.

Saskatchewan has been blessed with many natural resources, and we are just starting to see the possibilities. Between oil, potash, diamonds and uranium, we are in powerful position to become one of the strongest economies in Canada. We also have some of the hardest working and most dedicated people in Canada. We should not be having the problem of youth exodus, but sadly we do.

When you talk to these young people, they usually express a sense of a being homesick or tell you how it would be nice to return to Saskatchewan, but its the economic realities that keep them from returning. As weve seen, Saskatchewan has the potential to provide great opportunity but poor leadership by Calverts NDP has not allowed Saskatchewan to prosper. This has to change, or else we will continue to see Saskatchewan not live up to its promise.

A Saskatchewan Party government understands that youth are our greatest asset, and they need jobs and a positive economic climate to keep them here. With different leadership and with policies that actually focus on improving Saskatchewans economy, we would work to keep youth in this province.

We understand the great potential of this province, and what it could be. We think Saskatchewan should be among the top provinces in Canada to live in, and a place where youth prosper.

Our Centennial Year should be a time for families and friends to celebrate Saskatchewans greatness. It shouldnt be a reminder of what went wrong along the way, and why youth are leaving. Its time to let Saskatchewan flourish and be a place where youth can stay and raise a family.

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