April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report (7 September 2005)

Legislative Report

7 September 2005
Sask. Party Plan Would Save You Money At the Pumps
Calvert Government Wont Help You Out

Everyone is talking about high gas prices. The Official Opposition Saskatchewan Party has a plan to actually do something to give consumers a break when they fill-up at the pumps.

The Sask. Party wants the province to cut the 15 cent a litre gas tax by one cent for every dollar the price of oil goes above $60.00 US a barrel. Under the Saskatchewan Party plan, the gas tax would be adjusted monthly, based on the average oil price in the previous month. For example, if the world price averages at $67.00 in September, the provincial tax would drop by seven cents in October.

This proposal wouldnt cost the province a penny, since higher revenues would offset the tax cut. The Sask. Party is also calling for the elimination of a federal deficit reduction tax on gas and a reduction in the GST charged at the pump. If these federal and provincial tax cuts were combined, prices at the pump could drop by a maximum of 18 cents a litre.

The Calvert government has said no to a reduction in the provincial gas tax for Saskatchewan families. The government says they want to put gas tax money towards debt reduction well why not give families a break at the pumps and use excess oil revenues to pay down debt?

The Calvert government is getting rich from oil revenues, but Saskatchewan drivers are getting nailed every time they go to the pumps. Its time the Premier started giving Saskatchewan families the break they deserve.

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