April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report (14 September 2005)

Legislative Report

14 September 2005
Calvert NDP Sits On Pile of Tax And Resource Dollars - Are You Better Off?

Its no secret: the Calvert NDPs bank account is nice and flush thanks to the high price of oil and other natural resources. But the question remains: are you any better off?

Saskatchewan families are facing record costs. The price to fill the family car is astronomical, SaskPower is looking at a rate hike, and finally, SaskEnergy wants an average 27% increase on the price of natural gas. How are Saskatchewan families expected to pay their bills this winter? Just when people in Saskatchewan start getting ahead, the government knocks them down.

Lorne Calvert needs to show some leadership and give us a clear plan about how he intends to spend this money so people are not left out in the cold.

Saskatchewan is rich in oil and gas. And that means, when people are facing increased costs, the government is raking in millions and millions of dollars when prices are high. Isnt it time Saskatchewan people benefit from living in the province thats the second largest producer of oil?

The Saskatchewan Party has offered a couple of ideas on how to share some of this benefit with the people of the province. Just last week, the Saskatchewan Party proposed a revenue neutral way of reducing the provincial gas tax. The Calvert NDP could help lower the price at the pumps today, if he would just take our suggestion on lowering the gas tax a penny for every dollar the price of oil goes over $60 a barrel. Earlier this year, the Saskatchewan Party said the government should reduce taxes for anyone earning under $35,000 a year. Under this plan, those in this income bracket would pay virtually no provincial income tax and the money they save could help out with rising costs.

We know the government cant control the price of natural gas or oil, and were not asking them to. What we are asking them to do is look at what is within their jurisdiction to fix the gas tax and taxes for low income earners are two such things. When times are good for the government, its only logical that everyday people should be doing good too. Unfortunately, there seems to be a huge disconnect between the Calvert NDP and the general public. Its time for Lorne Calvert and his cronies to get down from their stack of money and take notice that in many cases Saskatchewan people are just getting by.

Saskatchewan Party Suggests Day to Honour Veterans

They fought for our freedom, and we will always be in their debt. The Saskatchewan Party believes that as part of this falls sitting of the legislature, one day should be set aside to honour our veterans.

Saskatchewan Party Leader Brad Wall has sent a letter to Premier Lorne Calvert suggesting that he set aside one day of the upcoming fall session to have a special debate about the contributions of our veterans. This year is Saskatchewans centennial year. It is also the Year of the Veteran and the 60th Anniversary of the end of World War II. It's only fitting that we pay tribute to the men and women who fought to protect our democratic rights and freedoms.

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