April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report (09 October 2005)

Legislative Report

09 October 2005
Calvert NDP Policies Driving People out of Saskatchewan

Even though the Calvert government is swimming in record resource revenues, the NDP policies continue to drive people out of Saskatchewan in search of better opportunities elsewhere.

According to figures released earlier this week by Statistics Canada, the Calvert NDP has delivered the worst population loss of any province in the all of Canada. These figures, which covered the period from April to June of 2005, show that Saskatchewan’s population dropped for the third quarter in a row, this time by 425 people (994,551 to 994,126).

To put these population numbers into perspective, Saskatchewan’s net inter-provincial out-migration was 1,885. Also during these three months, 3,930 people left Saskatchewan for Alberta and almost 700 left for Manitoba.

Over the last year, Alberta’s population is up 54,000 and Manitoba's is up 7,000. Saskatchewan’s population is down 174. Over the last two years, Alberta has grown by almost 100,000 people, Manitoba by 16,000, and once again, Saskatchewan lost people, this time 393.

What makes this news particularly frustrating is that it’s happening when provincial revenues are at an all time high. These numbers send a clear signal that the provincial economy is being hindered by NDP policies that discourage investment in the economy, and in turn, the creation of new jobs and careers. The Calvert NDP keeps talking about how it wants to keep our young people here, but fails to foster an economic environment in Saskatchewan that will do just that.

When the Calvert government recently released its “Action Plan” for the economy, it failed to address or explain how to fix any of the problems in our economy, including out-migration. Like the action plan, the Calvert government is full of rhetoric, but not solutions. Saskatchewan families deserve better. Parents and grandparents are at their breaking point. They are tired of watching their kids and grandkids load up their cars and leave Saskatchewan, forced out because Calvert and his government do nothing to maximize Saskatchewan’s enormous potential. Until we have a government with vision and leadership, our young people will continue to leave this province.

The Saskatchewan Party has a plan to ensure Saskatchewan reaches its full potential. It’s called the Promise of Saskatchewan – a comprehensive plan to identify barriers to growth in the economy and address those barriers. And that’s where the Saskatchewan Party differs from the current government – we believe in action, not spinning our wheels.

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