April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report (4 November 2005)

Legislative Report

3 November 2005
NDP Government Takes Page From Sask Party Playbook - Natural Gas Relief Program Near Identical To Previously Released Sask Party Plan

The Saskatchewan Party was pleased this week to see the NDP government adopt its natural gas rebate plan almost word for word.

Last week, the Sask Party released a thorough and comprehensive plan, and it appears the NDP took notice. This is yet another example of the NDP borrowing Saskatchewan Party ideas. Were more than happy to do this, as long as the NDP gives credit where credit is due.

Here are the two plans side-by-side:

The Sask Party Plan The NDP Plan
Cost Per Gj $7.95 $7.95
Conservation Measures Yes - $37.5 M To Be Released
Universality All Customers Treated Fairly 5000 institutions not included
Low Income $150 - $600 per person $100 per household
Length of Program2 Years 1 Year

While we are happy the NDP used much of the Sask Party plan, it is unfortunate and unfair that the NDP government chose to exclude the hundreds of hospitals, schools, and skating rinks who do not purchase natural gas from SaskEnergy.

Opposition Planning To Hold NDP Government and Calvert Accountable

With the first day of fall session nearing, the Official Opposition Saskatchewan Party is looking forward to holding the NDP accountable for wasting taxpayers dollars and backtracking on promises.

We plan to hold their feet to the fire over such things like the Finance Department spending taxpayers money on retirement parties, and the overall sense of entitlement the NDP has with taxpayer money.

This session marks the first throne speech in 20 months from Premier Calvert. We dont expect to see anything new in his speech. It will be the same ol tired, worn out NDP making promises they cant and wont keep.

Some of the promises were still waiting for this government to keep include: hiring 200 new police officers, no new taxes and 30,000 new jobs. As you can guess, the NDP government hasnt even come close to meeting these promises.

As your Official Opposition Saskatchewan Party, we will always be working to have your voice heard in the Legislature.

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