April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report (9 November 2005)

Legislative Report

9 November 2005
Throne Speech Fails To Answer Fundamental Questions For Saskatchewan

The first throne speech delivered in 20 months from the NDP government contains little to improve Saskatchewans economy or bring jobs back to the province.

Last week, Statistics Canada reported Saskatchewan lost 6,200 jobs last year, while BC gained 72,000. How it is possible for the NDP government to lose jobs when we are in the midst of an oil boom?

Obviously, something is not right. A good place to find the answers is in the NDPs failing economic policies that continually split apart families, forcing young people to leave this province because there are no jobs.

The only place where there seems to be jobs is in Lorne Calverts cabinet. He is adding Ministers to the point where it seems that everyone is a Minister, or getting some kind of extra pay. It doesnt seem fair that Calvert and his friends are acting like fat cats while our farmers are scraping together a living.

Weve known for some time that Saskatchewan people are unimpressed with the Calvert NDPs handling of the economy and the provinces finances. Now, even the governments own polling reflects these sentiments. The governments own polling released last Friday shows that 47 per cent of Saskatchewan people disapprove of the NDPs handling of the economy. Only 21 per cent approve. An even larger number 54 per cent disapprove of the governments handling of the taxpayers dollars. Only 15 per cent approve.

Its time for Lorne Calvert to start spreading the oil wealth around to the people who need it most. Instead of building a government air terminal for himself and his cabinet ministers or increasing the number of jobs in the marble palace, he needs to spend it on making peoples lives better. But this throne speech proves it wont be happening any time soon.

This speech has been referred to by some in the media as the NDPs greatest hits, as weve seen and heard this all before. Some even say there are as many as 25 re-announcements in the throne speech. How can Calvert use this speech as his guiding document for the future of Saskatchewan when its penned in the past? The only thing not recycled is the paper its written on. Saskatchewan needs leadership with vision and long term focus. The current NDP have neither.

Talk Is Cheap, Lorne
  • But they do expect, and they have the right to expect honesty. They have the right to expect to be able to trust this government, to be able to trust the men and women they elect. They have the right to expect that commitments made ought to be binding.
    People, Mr. Deputy Speaker, will forgive mistakes; they may even forgive incompetence; but they will never forgive betrayal.
    - Lorne Calvert, June 23, 1987

  • The response of Minister Lautermilch to Mr. Sawby is troubling. The Ministers correspondence was less than forthcoming in terms of the arrangement with Con-Force. The characterization of this business relationship as a partnership where government enjoyed a minority interest was inappropriate.
    - Deputy Ministers Report to Premier Calvert on Spudco, February 17, 2003

    Eldon Lautermilch re-appointed to cabinet by Lorne Calvert, October 14, 2005

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