April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report (16 November 2005)

Legislative Report

Nov. 16, 2005
Saskatchewan Party Gets Farm Concerns To The Floor Of the Legislature

Agriculture is in trouble in Saskatchewan. Plain and simple. Last week, the Saskatchewan Party asked the NDP to hold an emergency debate on the state of agriculture in Saskatchewan. The NDP voted it down. The Saskatchewan Party finally got the emergency debate this week, and the NDP were forced to hear the real story behind the ag crisis.

During the emergency debate, Saskatchewan Party MLAs raised the plight of farm families. NDP MLAs had to explain why they are doing nothing for agriculture, especially at a time when the NDP government is flush with cash.

The debate came one day after Ottawa's fiscal update which showed a surplus of $54.5 billion, but not a single dime for agriculture. Both the federal Liberals and the provincial NDP are ignoring farmers.

How are farmers expected to survive with deflated commodity prices and escalating input costs? It is simply not sustainable, and to top it off the NDP government says that CAIS and crop insurance will have to do. Well, that isnt good enough. Farmers were the ones who built this province, and now when times are tough-but extremely good for the NDP government-there is no help. No wonder rural municipalities are holding tax revolts.

Agriculture needs to become a priority for this NDP government before its too late.

73-Year-Old Foam Lake Woman Told Wait for Urgent Hip Surgery Six Months

Jean Reynolds family has no idea why she has been told to wait six to eight months for urgent surgery, when the NDPs Saskatchewan Surgical Care Network reports the average wait time for urgent orthopedic surgery is three to six weeks.

Mrs. Reynolds family braved icy highways to bring her case to their Legislative Assembly in Regina. Her daughter, Audrey Reynolds had to present her case to NDP Minister of Health, John Nilson because her mother is in extreme pain and is bedridden. In fact, Jeans morphine dosage has been tripled since August.

The Ministers answer was to question whether or not the family had followed the protocols required and to talk to their family doctor. The Reynolds did all this already, and thats why they had to go public. They exhausted all routes available to them; they had no other choice.

There is a problem in Saskatchewan when families have to go public to try and get surgery. Whats even more worrisome is the Minster of Health wont even acknowledge if there was an oversight or a mistake by his Department.

Janet Leader, one of Jeans daughters wrote a letter about her mothers condition. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

"Mom is the human face behind headlines about governments bragging about how they've reduced hospital wait times. In spite of all that she and her family have contributed to the building of Saskatchewan, in her time of greatest need, her home province is letting her down big time [H]er situation is a disgrace. This is especially true since she has lived her entire life in a province that declares itself the 'Home of Medicare'. Mr. Calvert, Tommy Douglas would be ashamed."

Its not fair for people in the birthplace of Medicare to wait months to years for surgery. Saskatchewan families deserve more. They have a right to quick and timely treatment, especially when that surgery is considered urgent. If you are in a situation similar to Jeans, give the Minister of Health a call (306) 787-7345, or send him an email minister@health.gov.sk.ca.

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