April 10, 2020
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Legislative Report ( 23 November 2005 )

Legislative Report

23 November 2005
NDP Cabinet Minister Fouls Up Deal To Sell Weyerhaeuser Mill

He told people not to worry because he was committed to finding a buyer, but it looks like Eldon Lautermilch failed.

According to the Prince Albert Daily Herald article published on November. 23, a deal between Chinese investors and the government is close to dead because of Lautermilchs poor treatment.

Clarence Ekstrand, the person trying to broker the deal, used words like flabbergasted, disgusted, and astonished in the original article.

The same day the story broke, the Opposition Saskatchewan Party called on Premier Calvert to fire Lautermilch.

This is the second time we have seen this mans incompetence ruin the hopes and dreams of Saskatchewan families. First with SPUDCO; he was the one responsible for losing $36 million of taxpayers money and lied about it for six years. Now we have Weyerhaeuser. Every file this man gets in Cabinet costs hard working people money or jobs.

This has to stop.

Province Refuses To Fund Share Of Federal Agriculture Program

The Federal government announced this week Saskatchewan will receive $250 million in emergency farm-aid.

The feds are encouraging provinces to step-up to the plate with cash of their own to help farm families. Many other provinces are doing just that. However, Lorne Calvert has flatly refused.

Farmers are scraping by and again the NDP government wont inject money into the industry that built this province. NDP Agriculture Minister Mark Wartman says CAIS and Crop Insurance will have to do.

The question is how much more money would farmers of Saskatchewan received if they actually had a government and a Minister that lobbied on their behalf?

The priorities of this NDP government are out of whack and need to change. When you build an airport before helping out farmers, you have lost your way.

Saskatchewan Party Helps Families Get Treatment To Children

New legislation introduced this week allows parents and families to get much needed treatment for addicted youths. The bill first introduced in the spring session by June Draude, MLA for Kelvington-Wadena, allows parents or guardians to place a minor in treatment involuntarily.

In typical NDP fashion, June Draudes bill was not accepted by the NDP government. It wasnt until this fall that the NDP government re-introduced a carbon copy of the bill in order to score political points.

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