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2005 Year In Review

2005 Year In Review

  • Saskatchewan Party delivers more than 1300 letters and e-mails to Lorne Calvert, calling on the NDP to kill plans for government directed hours.
  • Brad Wall calls on Lorne Calvert to distance himself from Larry Hubich, head of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour. Hubich characterized the provinces business community as greedy corporate hucksters.
  • The Saskatchewan Party says the NDPs plan for education property tax relief is inadequate. The plan announced January 6th was one-quarter of the tax relief recommended in Ray Boughens report on financing K-12 education.
  • The Saskatchewan Party used its first formal news conference of 2005 to release a five point plan to stop the growing abuse of crystal meth.
  • Martensville MLA Ben Heppner announces he has prostate cancer
    FEBRUARY 2005
  • Saskatchewan Party finance critic Ken Cheveldayoff calls on the Calvert government to raise the personal exemption for low income earners. In the federal budget, the basic personal exemption was lowered to $10,000 taking roughly one million people off Canadas tax rolls.
  • A Calgary-based information technology company that received $3.5 million to create 35 new jobs in Regina closes its doors and leaves the city. Pangaea opened a Regina office in a big pre-election announcement in July of 2003. There were never more than 4 or 5 people working in the office.
  • Its announced that the Calvert NDP is pouring another $12 million into Navigata, a BC based voice over internet protocol company. The government says the company will be making money by the third quarter of 2005, a promise that the NDP does not make good on.
  • Crop insurance premiums go up 9% for 2005. In the last 3 years, premiums have gone up 74% while average coverage levels drop form $102 per acre to $72 per acre.
    March 2005
  • The Saskatchewan Party releases 100 Ideas to Get Saskatchewan Ready for the Next 100 Years on the first day of the legislative session.
  • Brad Wall presents to House of Commons sub-committee on Equalization reform
  • NDP releases budget NDP government did so little with so much
  • Sask Party calls on government to raise food allowance and index it to inflation
  • Sask Party continues to call on government to drop 0-1-1 Wage Mandate
  • Population numbers out Saskatchewan grows by only 165 people from 2003 to 2005
  • Federal government announces $1 billion federal aid package for agriculture
  • Jack Vicq appointed to head Business Tax Review Committee
    APRIL 2005
  • John Nilson admits to interfering in collective bargaining process on eve of election
  • Pope John Paul II dies; Joseph Ratzinger elected as new Pope Benedict XVI
  • NDP hikes taxes on oil and gas industry expands corporate capital surcharge to include resource trusts
  • Brad Wall writes to three federal party leaders for their position on new energy accord for Saskatchewan.
  • Calvert NDP loses 42 million in Navigata
  • June Draude presents private members bill to help parents whose children have drug addictions NDP refuse to debate.
  • SARC member agencies hold protest at legislature low wages mean high turnover, care for people with disabilities suffering
  • Saskatoon Health Region CEO Jim Fergusson collected $13,000 per month after quitting works out to $3,000 per phone call
  • Sask Party continues to pressure NDP for treatment beds for those with addictions
  • Was revealed that Pangaea, an IT company that the Calvert NDP gave $3 million to for jobs in Regina, left town, providing no jobs and no office.
  • Sask Party introduces bill to repeal the Job Killing Monster
  • Graham Addley delivers update on his report into addictions.
  • The Queen comes to Regina for centennial
  • New school division boundaries become official.
    MAY 2005
  • Agriculture Minister Mark Wartman told the house during Question Period: the hurt in rural Saskatchewan is simply a result of farmers making 'business decisions'.
  • Auditor releases report: The report identified a number of improper financial practices in the Department of the Environment that enabled up to $500,000 of taxpayers' dollars to go missing, including: poor segregation of duties and expense monitoring, employees approving their own purchases, employees knowing their supervisors' password, cheques being issued without proper documentation; and, cheques being sent to department employees.
  • According to a press release sent out by Shine 2005, June Draude was "recognized for her endless work with law enforcement and educators throughout the province to highlight the dangers of crystal meth abuse, which is a growing problem in Saskatchewan."
  • Sask Party hoists search and seizure bill over Minister Deb Higgins comments
  • Sask Party Finance Critic Ken Cheveldayoff presents Sask Party submission to Vicq Commission in Yorkton
  • World Wide Pork in Moose Jaw shuts down; 300 jobs lost, NDP have $1 million share in company
  • APAS calls for a $180 million direst investment into agriculture; cancelling/ revamping CAIS deposits; and simplifying rules for CAIS
  • Greg Brkichs bill makes September 18 John Diefenbaker Day; October 20 becomes Tommy Douglas Day
  • Ben Heppner asks Saskatchewan's Chief Electoral Officer to investigate $92,833 in anonymous donations that went from the Liberal Party of Canada to the provincial Karwacki Liberals.
  • June Draudes Bill 207, An Act Providing for the Protection and Assessment of Children who are Abusing Drugs, goes to Second Reading.
    JUNE 2005
  • The Saskatchewan Party calls on Calvert government to start covering the cost of Herceptin, the new breast cancer drug.
  • Brad Wall announces new Caucus / Critic Duties for the Saskatchewan Party
  • Oil reaches $60 per barrel
  • Ben Heppner calls for the new, higher SGI fees to go to road maintenance
  • New population numbers from Stats Canada showed Saskatchewan lost 195 people between January and April.
  • Police make largest crystal meth seizure in provinces history
  • Sask Party releases news of Calvert NDPs impending minimum wage increase
  • Sask Party releases own minimum wage plan including tax cuts
  • Sask Party calls on Calvert to kill 0-1-1 wage mandate
  • NDP government gives approval to close single person RCMP detachments in the South West
  • Stats Can reports Saskatchewan having the highest unemployment rate amongst Aboriginals 24.7%
  • From May 2000 to May 2005, Saskatchewan has the worst job creation rate in Canada less than 2%
  • Sask Party calls on Premier Calvert to release meth strategy from Western Canadian Summit on Meth
  • Supreme Court rules on surgical wait lists
  • Sask Party calls for retroactive criminal checks for government employees handling money or children
  • Halldor Gudmundson, a World War II vet, waits 2 days for a room in RUH emergency with brain bleed
  • Provincial Auditor confirms more than $1 million taxpayers' dollars destined for the poorest of the poor went to imaginary people with imaginary addresses
    JULY 2005
  • SaskParty successfully pressure NDP to approve funding for anti-breast cancer drug Herceptin.
  • First quarter economic results show government with an additional $245-million in oil and gas revenue.
    AUGUST 2005
  • Brad Wall conducts his summer leaders tour. The two clear themes from the tour were bittersweet homecoming celebrations and deteriorating roads and community infrastructure.
  • Sask Party criticizes announcement of Project Hope because it fails to provide any new treatment beds until 2007.
  • Sask Party demands action on Saskatchewan gang problem, and Brad Wall appoints a committee to look at the issue. Pat Atkinson dismisses the Sask Party call for action as fear mongering.
  • NDP decides to spend $1-million on a private air terminal.
    SEPTEMBER 2005
  • Action Plan for the Saskatchewan Economy announced by government
  • New population numbers show Saskatchewan lost another 425 people between April and July, worst in country. Net inter-provincial out migration was 1885 people.
  • Saskatchewan Party proposes gas tax reduction plan
  • Northern road from La Loche to Ft. McMurray announced. The road will cost provincial government $5 million. The road should be complete in three years.
  • SLGA announces two cases of unrelated fraud in two liquor stores Biggar and La Loche. Two managers have been dismissed with cause. $247,000 has gone missing.
  • New Deal for Cities and Communities funding details announced-- $147.7 million in funding for communities over five years (Sept. 22/05 GNR). Money is distributed on a per capita basis to 821 communities.
  • Lorne Calvert and Eric Cline in China and Japan promoting Sask business, including uranium to the Chinese.
  • Sask Party presents to Commission on Vulnerable Workers
  • Brad Wall calls for day to honour veterans
    OCTOBER 2005
  • Sask Party unveils energy plan
  • Premier adds two members to cabinet, bringing the number of cabinet ministers to 19
  • StatsCan job numbers show 3,300 fewer jobs from October 2004
  • Weyerhaeuser announces closure of Prince Albert mill
  • Fraser Institute reports Saskatchewan has longest surgical waiting lists in Canada
  • Finance retirement party issue surfaces Sask Party calls for money to be returned.
  • Sask Party calls for PST exemption on energy efficient furnaces
    NOVEMBER 2005
  • Vicq commission released its report and was almost identical to the Saskatchewan Party plan to reform the provinces business taxes
  • Legislature opened with new throne speech, agains howing the NDP devoid of any new ideas.
  • Sask Party was turned down by NDP for first emergency debate on agriculture, second request was granted
  • Sask Party MLAs brought in a number of health care case files that showed the numbers on the surgical care network were not representative of the times people were waiting for hip surgery, etc.
  • Sask Party highlighted in the Assembly the NDPs misguided priorities like the airport for cabinet ministers, two new cabinet ministers complete with political staff, increased advertising budget, and an increase in the money spent on the Premiers communications staff
  • Federal Liberals defeated on confidence motion in the House of Commons - election campaign begins.
  • Ben Heppner introduced Bill 203, designating September to be Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. NDP supports Bill and it passes.
    DECEMBER 2005
  • Session wrapped up with Sask Party MLAs highlighting the difference between what the NDP announces and what they actually do
  • Calls for property tax relief grow as the RM tax revolt continues to grow
  • NDP continue to lose Saskatchewan jobs
  • Saskatchewan Party criticized the NDP for funnelling tax dollars into its election slush fund (FSF) rather than reducing taxes for Saskatchewan people and businesses

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