April 7, 2020
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Legislative Report (15 February 2006)

Legislative Report

15 February 2006
Job Numbers Continue South Because of the NDP
For the fifth straight month, the Calvert NDP has lost jobs in the middle of an oil boom-2,600 jobs gone between January 2005 and 2006.

Last week, Statistics Canada reported Saskatchewan continues to lose jobs. It is the only province in Western Canada to suffer job losses. In contrast, B.C. and Alberta together created 100,000 jobs in the same time period.

There is no doubt a new west is forming in Canada. Political and economic shifting is happening from the central provinces to the west. Saskatchewan is at risk of missing out on this renaissance because at the core of the Calvert NDP government is a philosophical divide; they do not believe in real growth or jobs and it is apparent in their record. Instead of focusing on growth and jobs to pay for infrastructure or social programs, they raise taxes. Remember, this is the same government that raised the PST.

The problem is jobs equal people. Without jobs, communities suffer and so do families. Thats why we should be concerned when job numbers fall. They are not just statistics but real people that could be living and working in our communities. Its no coincidence that when we lose jobs, we lose young people.

The sad part is young people could be living here; raising their families and growing their communities, but since Calvert and the NDP have no vision, we continue to lose jobs and young people at an enormous rate. In the last six years, weve lost 20,000 young people; equivalent to a city the size of Yorkton wiped off the map.

Saskatchewan is a great province filled with great people that should be leading the west. Instead of always falling behind, its time for Saskatchewan to take its rightful place in the new west.

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